3 Inexpensive ways to update a kitchen

By on August 13, 2016

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This summer we really tried to put alot of work into the house. One thing I’ve been dying to redo since we moved in was my kitchen!

The kitchen was not something I really put high on the list when we were house shopping, I knew no matter what the kitchen looked like I could DIY it to suit our style. So we started out with this ….

Number 1- Paint

I always think painting a room can really update a space, even if its just a slightly different shade than what you have already. So I painted the kitchen to match the rest of the house which was a basic beige. Its not a color I really LOVED…. but at least it was better than the weird yellow with orange accent that stuck out from the rest of the downstairs.

But after a year I was finally ready to really redo the downstairs so we re-painted the downstairs. We wanted grey but ended up with a really nice blue/grey which really suits our style.
Number 2- Counter tops


Replacing the countertops altogether was not in the budget at all. Even the cheapest laminate countertops would be a few hundred dollars we just didnt have. So thanks to my beloved Pinterest we found a way that cost less than $40!

We used Rustoleum Stone spray to make it look like granite. So we spray painted the counter tops to cover up our white laminate tops that stained all the time! We used 2 coats of Rustoleum stone spray and then painted a poly-acrylic top coat on it. I recommend at least 7 coats of the Poly-acrylic or doing an epoxy top coat. I will probably end up doing the epoxy unless we completely replace the counter tops, as the 3 top coats I did are not enough and it is chipping in some spots. But other blogs I’ve read had said 7+ coats. Really I’m just too impatient between dry times!

Number 3- Stain/Paint cubboards

Next was the cupboards, the pale cream just looked worn and dirty and must be at least 15+ years old. Brand new cabinets were not in the budget. So I took to Pinterest and found this great blog on how to stain your cabinets!

Gel stain was the easiest! First I did my 2 smaller bathroom cabinets to try it out. Then I tackled the KITCHEN! The hardest part was sanding. Sanding cabinets was just really time consuming and I didn’t sand down to bare wood just enough to take off the finish.

After sanding I used a combo of foam brushes and the sock over a glove method to applying the stain. Overall I prefer the foam brushes, and its less of a mess. I put on 2 full coats and then some touch ups. Still wear rubber gloves, the stain just does not wear off skin very easily.



Plus middle of summer in Texas…. it was a workout! But I think it turned out so great! I used the same gel stain as the blog I found the idea from and you can get it here..

We ended up spending less than $150 on paint, stain, brushes, etc.

**not including the new floor… that was additional but really needed over our old stained concrete floors

We will be doing a backsplash at some point and finishing the bottom trim as well.


Next I’m looking at ways to accessorize the kitchen to give it a bit more personality! Check out my kitchen pinterest boards to see my inspiration! Hopefully I can post a decorated kitchen pic soon!



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    Elizabeth Doren

    September 7, 2016

    I found your post on MBC – love this. I’m a big house repair DIYer. A kitchen is a big mountain to take on. It looks amazing. Thanks for sharing!

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    September 13, 2016

    Hi Shauna! Your cabinets look great! I used the same gel stain on our garage cabinets. It has held up so well.

    Thanks for sharing and linking up at Dishing It & Digging It! We enjoy seeing your creativity each week!

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