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Review: Intex Pool with Salt Water System

By on September 26, 2017

Ever since I was a young kid I wanted a pool in my backyard, all the ‘cool kids’ had one growing up. Now living in Texas its practically mandatory! So it was last year when my kids were 5,7 and 11 and I realized they had not really ever swam in a pool. And since we have a large back yard, I had to change that. So as my husband does with every big purchase, we researched. We read reviews, and watched YouTube videos.

We realized we really couldn’t afford something big like an in ground pool so we started looking for an above ground pool. Now with little kids and water it really freaks me out, I’m always concerned about drowning. So it was even more important that we get something the kids could manage with no swimming skills but gives us the ability to teach them how to swim.

We decided on the Intex 12ft X 30in Metal Frame Pool Set with Filter Pump.
One thing we kept seeing on the reviews that the filter pump that comes with it isnt very strong. We knew we needed a stronger filter, we also knew we weren’t super comfortable dealing with a chlorine system. Because of this we decided to go with the Intex Sand Filter along with the Saltwater System. Now these were definitely a bigger expense but we knew this was a system we could use with an even bigger pool as our kids grow up.

Once we got everything ordered and we waited patiently we had to get the area ready. They reccomend putting the pool on level ground. So we marked off the area and then got several bags of sand to help level. Doing it this way we didnt have to dig in to the soil. It was really hard work but once we got all the sand down and used a level to smooth it all out, we put two layers of plastic tarp over it. This helps to keep the weeds from poking through.

Then the day came to put up the pool!! It is actually a pretty quick process, we laid out the pool liner and the metal frame pieces. Then you start putting the frame together and go around the circle. It all went fairly smooth, the only part that we got stuck was when we put the pins in through the horizontal frame in to the T stands. We got down in about 2 hours and started to fill it all up! We let the kids play in it while it filled up the first few inches. We just couldn’t wait to start playing!

Setting up the pump and saltwater system was also fairly simple, we had to buy a bag of filter sand and 2 bags of pool salt (from our local Lowes pool supply section) as long as you follow the placement instructions. Once all the hoses were hooked up and plugged in you need to pour the salt around the pool (follow the guidlines for how much depending on how big your pool is). We used about 1.5 bags of pool salt. Use a pool brush to spread around the salt so it dissolves quickly.  Once all the salt was dissolved we let the filter run over night and by morning the ph levels were perfect!



Now that we’ve had the pool system a year, I can honestly say its been a blessing! My girls have officially conquered swimming, and we get to cool off any time we want in the back yard. I really love the salt system setup, we have had no cloudy or green water issues. The only thing we’ve had to keep up on is cleaning the copper plates in the salt but they do sell a product that will help keep that from building up.


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