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December fun with Kids – Sea World, Park Trails and Zoo Lights

By on January 2, 2017

Growing up during the holidays in Minnesota any outdoor activities was dependent on the weather, and if we were lucky enough to not be too freezing, we still had to be bundled up in a ton of layers. This is why living in San Antonio this time of year is perfect!


One thing I love about San Antonio in winter is taking the kids to the playground. We are so lucky San Antonio has put a great amount effort in to revitalizing our community parks. Most have been resurfaced with the rubber playground flooring that makes it so much easier to move a wheelchair around the structures, and even some have the special needs swings that make it easy for my son to sit supported in a swing and have a good time!

Another thing we love about our local parks is most are connected to paved trails through wooded areas. We love taking the kids on the trails and the kids love exploring the trails just like in one of their favorite bed time stories The Enchanted wood. We love talking about finding The Faraway tree and seeing Moon Face and Silky and the Saucepan Man. They are always convinced its just a little further until we happen upon a magical world of Fairies and Gnomes.

Finding fun Christmas activities around town is not hard at all, but finding some that are also wheelchair & sensory friendly for my oldest is the challenge. So I was so excited when Seaworld started their Christmas season! We bought annual passes this past summer and found it perfect for all my kids’ crazy different personalities.

You can check out all the current SeaWorld Pass deals at this link.

Seaworld’s Sesame Street bay of Play is probably my favorite spot, in the summer we can roll the wheelchair through giant sprinklers and that is my son’s favorite in the whole world, he would live there if it was possible. My girls love the giant play structures (follow them for a great boot camp workout!).


The lights they put up were amazing and we could have walked around 3 times looking at them. After looking through most of the park at all the light displays we stopped to say high to Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer and take some pictures. Then we got some hot chocolate and christmas tree rice crispies to snack on.

We ended the night at the Bay of Play for their Sesame Street Dance party. All of us had a blast! The characters all came out in to the crowd and danced and sang while a snow machine blasted the crowd (which having anything thats even remotely like snow in Texas is practically magical!) We danced for a solid 30 minutes straight. Afterwards we were able to run around the crowd and grab photos with all the Sesame Street gang.

We also went to the San Antonio Zoo lights one night. Although it was slightly pricey for one night of fun we got a great deal on Groupon, so we piled up in the car with packed dinner in lunch boxes. Through out the zoo they had bubble machines and animal patterned light projectors. The kids loved exploring the zoo at night, the Christmas light displays were so beautiful. My sons favorite part was the amazing light show, it was set to fun Christmas and techno music. He could have stayed there all night partying.


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