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By on August 8, 2016

My first blog post…

Currently living in San Antonio, with my husband and 3 kids. The kids are ages 11, 7, and 5. Along with my diy and craft fun, I love to paint and read and play legos with kiddos. We also are a soccer family so soon my evenings will be filled with soccer practice and trying to figure out dinner and homework all before a ‘reasonable’ bed time (if there is such a thing in this chaotic life!)

I would describe our life as full of love but full of chaos as all 3 kids have strong but vastly different personalities. My oldest has Angelman Syndrome which means he’s physically developmentally delayed and needs a lot of assistance. My middle is a sensitive empath that is full of love but she also has a lot of anxiety going through this world. My youngest is my firecracker and she’s always keeping me on my toes with her extremely strong will and full on personality!


School is starting soon and my 3 happy chaos babies will all be in school full time! So I decided to start this blog and document all the chaos in our lives! I love to DIY and craft and try new things with the kids! Pinterest is my favorite resource for everything!

I work from home with my husband, he builds websites and develops plugins for other developers. I’m not that technical and mostly do any of the data entry/copy paste content for him! I’ll probably be doing most of my blogging while he’s working away 🙂

I suppose my blog will mostly be about my attempts at activities I’ve found on Pinterest! I’ve done a few this summer so I’ll be putting those up soon.

Anyways… That’s my intro! Welcome to my blog 🙂



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  • It's soccer time! Big brother is cheering from the sidelines! #soccermom #soccergirls
  • First day of real homework! Isabella did her math in 30 seconds lol and now she's quizzing her sister in spelling 
I can only hope homework for days to come goes this smoothly #momlife #momblogger #backtoschool #homework #sisters
  • So we got this new puppy last month.... which has been taking up all my spare time but I can honestly say he fits so well with our family! If you ever consider getting a full bred dog get an Old English Sheepdog! He's been. So easy to train, great with the kids and just all around lovable! He's our second of this breed so we are used to the grooming needs but all the brushing is totally worth it ! #momblogger #summer2017 #puppiesofig #oldenglishsheepdog #oespuppy #familydog #momlife #momof3 #momblogger
  • FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!! this momma is so happy! I'll be honest i struggled this summer, I struggled to balance work and kids... it was hard keeping them all happy and trying to get stuff done and not lose my mind. I kept trying and had some good days and bad days... overall we did well, the girls learned to swim, we went on a road trip and we got a puppy(watch out for a bajilion puppy pics now!)! We saw the eclipse and made it through hurricane Harvey! And my son got to go the new ultra accessible water park @morganswonderlandtexas!
 I ended up taking august off social media so I could focus just on the kids and I'm so relieved and refreshed ready to get back to blogging and other projects! Swipe through to see highlights of our summer!  #momblogger #summer2017 #summerkids #momblog #momof3 #mombrain #momlife
  • Filling my house with good tunes and getting the house puppy ready! Soaking in these peaceful moments and focusing on my babies before they go back to school soon! Life is good! Playlist filled with these soul filling artists @iration @nahkobear @trevorhallmusic @rebelutionmusic @michaelfranti @matisyahu #lovinglife #momlife #momblog #summerkids #summer2017 #hippiemom #peaceandlove #momblogger
  • That moment when you were struggling to read some blurry papers and suddenly remembered why you were prescribed those glasses you hardly ever wear 😂😂 it's just one of those things I'm not used to doing but I am pretty happy my kids have kept those Lego castles together in the background lol #momlife #momof3 #summercraziness #momblogger #momblog #gettingold #lovinglife #crazymomlife #mombrain

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