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Making Dream Catchers with the Kids

By on October 7, 2016

We love our dream catchers I’ve gotten the girls for their room. So we decided to make some new ones to add their own personal touch. The purpose behind the dream catcher is to create a web in which nightmares are caught while a child is sleeping. However, the good dreams are able to make their way through the web and rest with the sleeping person.

What you need

The items you’ll need to make a dream catcher include:

* A 5-inch hoop made of metal (although traditionally the hoops would be made of vines which were shaped into a circle)
* 4 yards of hemp, artificial sinew or yarn with which to create the web
* 1 Pony bead or other found items like shell or sea glass to represent the spider in the web
* Natural feathers

making dream catchers with kids

Easy ways to make dream catchers with kids


Tie a 70-inch piece of string (hemp, sinew or yarn) in a knot with enough string to create a loop to hang the dream catcher when complete. Pull the long end of the string over about 1 to 1 1/2 inches on the hoop and bring the end to the left of the string and back over to create a half-hitch knot.

Continue this pattern every 1 to 1 1/2 inches around the hoop until you come back to the beginning. You’ll begin the next round in the center of the previous two knots to create the next layer of the web. Pull the strings tightly but not so tight as to warp the hoop.

As you make your way around the third level, use the same half-hitch to close the center of the hoop. Someplace on the third level you’ll want to tie one bead, shell or piece of sea glass to represent the spider in its web. Then continue toward the center of the hoop, being sure to leave an opening. Tie the string in a knot to end the dream catcher.

Cut the remaining string and thread two or three beads onto the string. Wrap the end of a feather in the string, apply some craft glue and then bring the beads down over the end of the feather. You can add other feathers if you like.


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