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Our Lego Americana Tour Adventure

By on September 7, 2016

We are a Lego family. I’ve asked for big sets for Christmas and Birthdays, just for myself! We’ve picked up many bulk lots from garage sales and craigslist to the point of I will be doing a blog post on how to organize our lego craziness! We even have sets and minifigs in storage until we can display properly. So we were so lucky to find that San Antonio was one of a few stops on The Lego Americana Roadshow!




Photo Aug 20, 10 16 32 AM
Photo Sep 04, 12 50 54 PM

We got up early and arrived even before the stores opened. We got to see all the amazing Lego creations of our American landmarks, up close!

There were lots of fun, detailed mini displays as well. My favorite was the ski hills and the cityscape, there was so much to look at we could have been there forever checking out all the fun scenes going on.


Photo Sep 07, 8 30 24 AM
Photo Aug 20, 9 21 07 AM
Photo Sep 06, 8 39 48 AM

Up in the food court there was fun activities set up for the kids. Of course they had the car building and race track, along with some duplo building areas and some more displays.

There was a scavenger hunt that you had to search for answers to a set of questions on all the display information. It was fun because you also learned lots of fun facts about our history and legos!

Photo Sep 07, 10 07 28 AM
Photo Sep 07, 10 09 33 AM
Photo Sep 07, 10 08 32 AM

We also had the opportunity to participate in the make and take event but my littlest had different plans and her love of Disney took over when she realized we were the first to be at the opening of the Disney store! She’s always wanted to do that so we took a break from Lego craziness and waited patiently to open the Disney Store.

If you ever get to the mall before they open, wait with your littles at the Disney store door, it is such a special experience, that to me feels like they bring a little of Disney Magic to the store. The ladies were so kind and made the whole experience magical! Both girls got to countdown and turn the big key and they each got their very own Disney key. It was a fun addition to our Mall day.

Photo Sep 07, 10 37 08 AM
Photo Aug 20, 10 02 28 AM

Overall this was such an inexpensive family outing. The kids really got to be hands on and having fun, and even though we were surrounded by things the kids wanted,  They didnt really make a fuss, we were able to go on to the next display or activity and the excitement kept them entertained! I love a good quality day with my kids with out breaking the bank!


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