ProActiv Review: How I got rid of difficult Acne after years of trying everything

By on October 20, 2016

Growing up I was lucky to never have bad acne through my teen years. Unfortunately once I had kids that all changed. Apparently having kids alters your skin a lot! I ended up having really dry skin and developed a bad acne spot right between my eyes, above my nose.

For the most part I’ve never been really self-conscious, and I was never in to a lot of makeup. But once my acne spots started to spread and get bigger, I really wanted to do something about it. It felt like a giant red mountain on my forehead. I couldn’t even wear make up to cover it up it was so bad, it just couldn’t be hidden.

As I normally do with most issues, I start to look for low cost, all natural options. I started making my own face masks with all sorts of different ingredients. Honey, brown sugar, coconut oil, cinnamon, etc. I think I have over 100 pins on different face treatments.  Also, I bought different essential oils to try as well.

After months of trying, I started looking at over the counter options. I tried Biore, Clean and Clear, Neutrogena, etc. I tried all the face masks they had, creams, washes, toners, etc. Nothing seemed to help. I was even using a prescription strength steroid cream for awhile which only slightly helped.


What finally worked

Proactiv Product Review

Proactiv Product Review

proactiv review

proactiv review

Finally I gave in and bought Proactiv, I’ve seen all the commercials and a friend of mine swears by it. So one day we were at the mall and I saw the kiosk. I bought the 30 day supply for $30 and it came with a skin purifying mask. $30 is a lot for me to spend on anything, especially something ‘non-essential’  The first week my friend warned me it looks worse before it gets better. So I was patient, and by the 2nd week I saw a noticeable difference. I still had spots but they were smaller and not mountains. After 30 days I can say I barely notice that area! I even have plenty left of the 3 part system, so I probably wont have to buy more until after the second month.

I really feel like this was absolutely worth the $30, I plan on continuing to buy this, and take better care of my skin. I would highly recommend Proactiv, especially if you’ve tried other products and your not getting any results.



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