Why I started a blog and my goals for this year
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2017 Blogging Goals

By on January 6, 2017

I started blogging back in August as my youngest was just starting Kindergarten and I was getting used to not having any kids around all day (yay! and boo… still miss my little adventures with her during the day). We talked about the possiblity I might go back to work in retail management. It was a job I really enjoyed before I had my 2nd kid but it was very time consuming, and my schedule was all over the place. Even though all the kids are in school now, I still don’t seem to have a set amount of free time. We have doctors appointments, physical therapy, counseling, school meetings, and of course the fun sick days when I need to get the kids early.

I decided with the free time I do have I wanted to find things to learn that can better myself and hopefully help my family. I found blogging while I was pinteresting away one night looking for work from home ideas and I kept seeing income reports from mom bloggers. Their blogs were all about things I was passionate about, diy, crafting, and parenting. It was so inspiring to see how other moms were talking about their lives, sharing ideas, and able to pull in a bit of money to help their families. It helps that over the years while my husband has been working as a web developer, I’ve picked up enough web skills that I can build my own basic website. My biggest hesitation has been my writing skills. Growing up writing was never my strong suit in school. Writing stories, papers, etc. were always a struggle. But this is something I’ve always wanted to improve on. What other way to work on it then jumping in and writing about the things that interest me.

Blogging is still mostly a hobby but I really do enjoy the challenge of writing posts and creating something to share with the world online. I’ve been learning from some awesome blogging moms out there in cyber world and I’m excited to make 2017 the year of building my online presence and achieving my goals.

Writing my goals down on paper really helps me focus on what I really want. Target always seems to have such beautiful stationary and I picked up these gorgeous file folders and notepads and printed off this great blog planner from Living for Nap time and in December I sat down and really had to think about what I want out of this blogging adventure. I’ve set out some goals to achieve by the years end and broke that down in to monthly goals to get there.

Why I started a blog and my goals for this year

Why I started a blog and my goals for this year

I have so many ideas stuck in my head and sometimes it can be so overwhelming to try and get everything done. So I’ve written down my 2017 year end goals, and then broke it down in to monthly goals to help me reach my big goals.


2017 year end goals

  • My goal is to be making an extra $2500 a month either through the blog or through an etsy store. This will help cover a good portion of our household expenses allowing us to work toward our personal goal of paying off our debt and refinancing our mortgage in 2017.
  • Next My social media goals are to grow my audience by double. I want to have 5000 Twitter followers, 1500 Facebook page likes, and 2,000 Instagram followers.
  • On the blog itself I’m striving to build up a resources section, and a printables library, I want to be scheduling blog posts a month a head of time and build my email list 200 subscribers.

    Setting Goals

    In order to achieve these goals, I’ve created some monthly benchmarks to work on.

  • I’m going to increase my social media followers by 200 over all platforms.
  • Create and brand an Etsy store and then create 10-20 digital products a month, plus physical products.
  • Create free printables to include on the blog as an opt-in bonus.
  • Write 5 posts a week, and schedule 2 a week.I’ve been inspired by so many helpful bloggers on this journey, and learned so much along the way. I’ll be including a post on other blogger’s posts and courses that have helped me the most. I know with the support of my incredible husband and the Mom Blog community I can achieve these goals and hopefully by 2018 I will have grown my writing abilities and helped my family along the way.






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